Privacy Policy

At AriaMus, we value your privacy and are committed to safeguarding your personal data. This Privacy Policy outlines our practices regarding data protection and file sharing on our website,, empowering users (referred to as "Users") to make informed decisions about their information.

Article 1:
Users agree to provide accurate Personal Data to AriaMus and promptly update any changes. You can manage your registration details directly from your control panel on

Article 2:
AriaMus adheres to industry best practices for protecting user data and will not disclose personal information to third parties. However, in response to a formal request from a Public Authority, AriaMus may share requested data without prior notification to the User.

Article 3:
As a file-sharing platform, Users are responsible for the content they upload to AriaMus. AriaMus does not condone plagiarism and will promptly remove any content reported as such by the original author or responsible party. Users who violate our content guidelines may be banned from the platform without notice.

Article 4:
AriaMus may utilize "cookies" to enhance user experience on our website. These "cookies" are associated with a specific computer's browser and do not reveal personal information. Users have the option to configure their browser settings to receive notifications about "cookies" and prevent their installation.

Article 5:
We reserve the right to update this policy to align with evolving commercial practices. Any changes will be communicated in advance on our website's homepage. For inquiries, complaints, or suggestions, please reach out through the CONTACT section on our website, Thank you for entrusting AriaMus with your data. We are committed to maintaining your privacy and providing a secure platform for your musical endeavors.

São Paulo - Brazil, 13 of June , 2024